Think done.

10-Step Workflow

01 Briefing

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the role from your HR or Hiring Manager, build knowledge about your organisation’s culture, gain insights, assess skill gaps, and get a sense of your company’s “look and feel.” We prepare job descriptions (if required).

02 Sourcing & Longlisting

  • Dive into our Internal Database (600,000+ candidates).
  • Explore online resources like LinkedIn, Bayt, etc.
  • Leverage our referrals and networking.
  • Focus on Talent Market Mapping & Headhunting from the map.
  • Advertise the role online for maximum exposure.
  • Access your company’s Applicant Tracking System (if applicable).

03 Screening

  • Screen interviews: telephonic/online video calls and in-person.
  • Conduct psychometric testing (if required).
  • Leverage more testing methods based on your requirements (case studies, etc.).
  • Share the results with you.

04 Reference Checks

  • Verify past organisations’ references from line managers, colleagues and subordinates.
  • Conduct detailed academic qualification checks.
  •  Process clearance letters (if required).
  • Verify payslips or other proof of salary (if required and attainable).

05 Shortlisting

  • Select top 3 - 6 candidates based on a comparative analysis.
  • Prepare detailed notes for the candidates.
  • Highlight key watch-out areas.

06 Shortlist Submission

  • Present the CVs of the most suitable candidates.
  • Submit the CVs by email.
  • Meeting with you to review the shortlisted candidates.

07 Scheduling Interviews

  • Schedule the interviews after checking your availability.
  • Share details of your company, role and interviewers' information with the candidate for their guidance.

08 Interviews Feedback

  • Take your feedback on the candidates into detailed consideration.
  • Take the candidate's feedback on the interview and sharing it with you.
  • If required, present you with another shortlist and going through the same steps again.

09 Offer Management

  • Negotiate the offer for you.
  • Get the offer letter accepted.
  • Negotiate the start dates.
  • Ensure that the candidate joins you on the committed timelines.

10 Post Joining Feedback

  • Keep in touch with the candidates and understand how they feel in their new role.
  • Inform you of any potential constructive feedback.
  • Take your feedback on the candidate's performance and behaviour and how they're adjusting in the organisation.