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Drive Performance Through People and Culture

In an era, post covid where the war for talent is fierce and technology is constantly changing the way we work; retaining the right talent has never been more important.
According to a recent McKinsey survey, superior talent is up to 8 times more productive than the average talent. In other words, the relationship between the quality of talent and business performance is dramatic.

Accelerate Progress with your People

With deep market expertise, our people advisory team will work closely with you to create value by attracting, retaining, and developing a more agile and resilient workforce for continued business success. We will tailor our tools and methodologies to adapt to your unique environment and needs.

Areas of support

Competency Management

Assist in building a competency framework that is aligned to the organisations mission and strategy with the ultimate goal of improving performance and organisational development.

Rewards & Recognition

Build a rewards and recognition framework and policy that improves employee productivity and engagement in the organisation.


Building capability frameworks to enable an individual or a team to perform the acquired skills at a certain performance level.


Build an internal mentoring programme that offers 3 types of mentoring:

Traditional One-on-one Mentoring. A mentee and mentor are matched, either through a program or on their own.

Distance Mentoring. A mentoring relationship in which the two parties (or group) are in different locations.

Group Mentoring. A single mentor is matched with a group of mentees.

Organisation Design

The creation of roles, processes, and structures to ensure that the organisation's goals can be realised.

Leadership Development and Training

Assist in identifying high-potential individuals that are likely to become leaders and extends the capabilities and knowledge of individuals who already perform leadership roles. Leaders may need training in both soft and hard skills, depending on your organisation’s current challenges. For example, new and upcoming leaders may need to develop skills such as listening, conflict resolution and time management, so that they can step in their role successfully. Senior leaders, on the other hand, may need training to keep up with new trends and technologies, so that they can better define the company’s overall vision.

Performance Management & Succession

Build a system using the company’s vision and goals to evaluate an employee’s performance which allows the company to optimise their processes, improve efficiency and productivity. Most importantly it allows the company to reward their employees for goals achieved or exceeded.
Aligned to the performance process is the succession planning process where we can identify and grow talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions in the future.

Internal Recruitment

Formulate an internal talent acquisition strategy, policy, and process to enable the organisation to attract top talent in their industry to work for them.

Reassignment or Termination

As organisations evolve and the need to enhance their business or operating model arises; the organisational design would most likely be impacted by this. As a result, we are able to offer frameworks, templates and processes to support the reassignment or termination of the affected employees.


HR Advisory & Psychometric Testing